EURECA Project - EU Resource Efficiency Coordination Action

The EURECA project tackles the lack of knowledge and awareness on how to identify and procure environmentally sound and sustainable data centres. The work will encompass solutions for pre-commercial procurement (PCP) and procurement of innovative solutions (PPI). This will be achieved by consolidating recognised and emerging benchmark criteria into an easy-to-use tool that can be deployed and used by non-experts.

Amid growing concerns of increased energy consumption and the related environmental impact of IT and data centre facilities the Public Sector is moving to ever more digitisation and e-services to reduce costs under even tighter budgetary constraints. The EURECA project is a new EU commission funded project which is designed to provide tailored solutions to help identify the cost saving opportunities whilst signposting the environmental impact of procurement choices.

On these pages you will be able to find out more about the project and access resources to roadmap your data centre (available from Q2 2016). In the meantime we invite Public Sector Organisations to register in order to keep up to date with developments to benefit from early adoption or participate on the development of the programme.

Latest News
EURECA exchanging knowledge and experiences in Riga

Active, two-way communication with the relevant stakeholder groups is a key strategy to maximizing EURECA’s impact and exchange know-how. This is why EURECA undertakes a series of knowledge sharing events across Europe with a wide range of organiza...

EURECA Public Sector Special Interest Group

If you are working for a Public Sector organisation and you are interested in data centre and ICT energy efficiency, we invite you to join the EURECA Public Sector Community and Special Interest Group. This is a community only for those working withi...

EURECA Survey Launched

As part of the initial research phases of the DC EURECA project, we’d like to build a snapshot picture of what measurements, policies and guidelines currently influence the procurement processes related to Public Sector data centers and server room...

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